GU10 Sockets to Replace MR16 Fittings (Ceramic)

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Fittings GU10 LED
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GU10 Sockets to Replace MR16 Fittings (Ceramic)

GU10 sockets are good when changing MR16 (12V) halogen lamps to MR16 LEDs does not work as the transformers do not necessarily match up with the lamps and can cause flickering. This is why we often recommend customers getting an electrician to change the MR16 fittings to GU10 fittings so that you can wire straight into the mains electricity (240V).

This involves cutting out the transformer and changing the MR16 end to these GU10 sockets which is a very simple process and will not take an electrician very long to do. By doing this, you will be future proofing yourself against further changes in technology and transformer failures. We’ve had numerous customers do this and they have been extremely satisfied with the results. Another prominent reason for removing the MR16 down light fittings with these GU10 sockets is because the old transformers are a fire risk and we have had many electricians inform us that when they have taken the transformers out of the ceiling, they have found that half of them have melted or are black where they have burnt. Removing the transformer will mean that this will never happen again.

We recommend you buy both your GU10s and GU10 sockets from us because if you get the sockets off an electrician then you are likely to be charged double to price we charge! We have sourced these GU10 sockets in order to comply with our lamps and they are ceramic, making them heat resistant and sturdy. For further details on how to change your MR16 lamp fittings to GU10 fittings, please speak to us on live chat or email us and one of the team will be more than happy to help and assist your conversion. We always recommend getting an accredited specialist in when it comes to changing anything to do with mains electricity.

GU10 Socket Cord Length: 140mm